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    What can I say.......You all need to read this

    This morning I woke up, turned the PC on, Logged into facebook and read this

    I have been pressing for changes for the IJSBA related to event management for the World Finals (and affiliate operations) since last October 2011 at that event when specific incidents were taking place that I protested. I had been the IJSBA Water Safety Director at this time and I served this position as a dedicated volunteer for over a decade. I listed my concerns with justifications that were professional and observed by K38 volunteer staff working that week in Havasu as well as others private complaints that were addressed to the IJSBA management.

    Some of these concerns were ongoing prior to 2011. When I tried to pay for my IJSBA membership to compete in an offshore race this year I was declined my membership by Scott Frazier, of the IJSBA. Due to his claim that I would speak negatively against the IJSBA after I competed in the event. I have been competing in offshore racing since 1989 and have supported the growth of this form of racing and would never compromise the integrity of offshore racing or safety, only build upon it. My past experience and professional knowledge speaks for itself and my dedicated sponsors.

    I have been in good standing within the PWC racing community for 32 years and a supporter of racing safety and training and certifying IJSBA course marshals worldwide during this time. I am also an original IJSBA Hall of Fame Inductee. This is not fair treatment of my racing career for standing up for safety concerns that any IJSBA member has a right to confront. My racing and my K38 Water Safety volunteer work are two separate entities; one should not suffer over the other.

    I wanted to continue to provide Course Marshal coverage and training in 2012 at World Finals but not to return until these issues were professionally resolved for the greater good of the membership, sponsors and supporters of PWC racing. But most importantly for the safety of the course marshal team I led. I am not the only person who has made suggestions and harbors concerns, I am one of many.

    Negotiations were underway with a concerned group of Course Marshals and supporters of the industry. This progress was defeated by a lack of cooperation from several individuals who do not share the same vision we do in management and professionalism. This progress was blocked by other colleagues whom were not interested in the suggestions, while others were trying earnestly to support positive change.

    A few of the items I presented that were in question were hastily adopted by the IJSBA, and not by our group idea of an international Review Committee of ‘Subject Matter Experts’. These group experts would come to a general consensus, based off their experience and background to further develop the sport in a professional manner as fitting of a world championship motorized sport.

    Simply listing a concern does not mean it should immediately be acted upon without further investigative research and data collection resulting in correction and evaluations to come to the industry standard of a ‘best practice’. This would also need to be approved and addressed by IJSBA International affiliates. And not limited to inclusion as necessary in the IJSBA Rulebook for it to be valid and operational. Since this is an international organization it would include international representation and concerns not just by Americans.

    Professional accountability is necessary from the IJSBA on these items of concern as well as their staff operations. Simply making a change does not mean the change is fielded by experts, legal according to the IJSBA international rulebook, tested nor trialed, investigated for the reasons why those changes should go into effect as a justification, or what type of equipment is needed, nor standardization of what the ‘best practices are’.

    This is not the sport I joined in 1979 with the USJSBA-IJSBA. It is not currently managed to my satisfaction nor others. Many people in this sport are afraid of being blacklisted or blocked such as I was. I will continue to press for professional changes with an international ‘Review Committee’ who approaches these and other concerns with full regard to the development and protection of the sport of personal watercraft, here and abroad.

    The IJSBA management needs to be held responsible for enforcing the International rulebook as it is currently written, listening to (international) membership concerns and responding to them professionally and with respectful and timely responses, updating the contact information for international affiliates on the website, allowing an international oversight committee to review mediation disputes as needed, adhere to rulebook policies as operational guidelines, update the Board of Directors meeting notes and contact information and annual financial reports to the membership, addendums changes to the rulebook with a 90 day block prior to the World Finals to notify international riders far in advance who are traveling to the USA, effective media exposure campaign outside of our PWC communities and a host of other concerns. Many I am sure you can think of your own.

    It was not that I was too busy or my schedule didn’t allow to be volunteering at the 2012 World Finals, I disagree with the way these changes are hastily being included by the IJSBA and its staffing. I believe in the spirit of this sport and I am dedicated to build it to its fullest capacity and strength. My past actions reveal this by my professional dedication and by those who I have had the fortune to serve with on the race track and during competition.

    I speak for myself, nobody else speaks for me.

    Thank You.
    Shawn Alladio

    For those who dont know Shawn is a Pioneer in the sport and an IJSBA Hall of Famer.

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