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    Question 2000 RX 951 millennium edition

    live in buffalo ny area gets cold from my reading on here to winter store it seems to easy

    stablize fuel
    run it a bit to get water out
    fog engine
    remove battery
    pull off hose at head and dunp some antifreeze down it
    cover and thats it

    seems to easy am i forgetting anything on this ski

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    anyone? same as the gtx DI's? i have to do 3 rx's next week...
    -water line with green stripe going into the back of the jugs.. i took that off attached a pump with anti freeze.. pinched off the exit line for the water and turned pump on until i saw pink in the clear lines then pinched off the line going to the rear of the ski and the pink shot out this pisser so i assume this went threw the whole system. hope the rx's will be as easy

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