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    1200 PV oem 44 mikuni carb interchange?

    I am wondering if anyone has ever swapped an oem set of 44 Mikunis off of a 2000 XR1800 jet boat into a 2000 XL Limited? Both are stock 1200PV engines with stock 44 Mikuni carb racks. The carbs are more or less identical but have some small differences. The Fuel inlet on the XR1800 carbs is in the center carb and then it tees into the front and rear carb. The OD of the fuel line is also larger but I am unable to accurately measure the actual fuel fitting ID size on either set of carbs - they do look the same or at least close. The fuel inlet on the XL carbs is on the rear carb and then runs forward to feed the center and front carb. Note that both sets of carbs have individual fuel pumps and separate pulse lines for each carb. Assuming that I jet the XR1800 carbs correctly for the XL do I have anything to worry about? Any insight would be greatly appreciated- Thanks, Glenn

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    I changed my GP1200R from "the rear carb and then runs forward to feed the center and front carb" to a dual parallel feed. I capped off the intake at the rear, split the fuel line with a T and tapped into the fuel lines between the middle, front & rear. Works great! I would check the needle/seat/spring sizes and settings and do a pop off test before just installing the XR1800 carbs on your Y2KXLtd.

    The larger feul hose diameter leads me to believe the XR1800 required more fuel. So, you probably have carb innerds that may
    need to be modified for best performance on the XL1200.
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    There are small internal differences, even between the GPR 1200 Carbs and the XLT 1200 ones. But I think the important thing is to keep the sets matched to each other and not mix types. If you jet your boat ones to the XL limitd specs you will be fine. BTW, I built 2 XL Limiteds over the winter to stock specs, but I increased the pilot jet size from the stock 87.5 XLL spec to 92.5 ( just under the GPR 95.0 spec) for peace of mind since these things seem to run lean even with stock air cleaners. Both boats run fantastic, no bog or any issues.

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