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    Be Aware - Cape Fear!

    Good day to all. Just an FYI. I ordered new needle valves and springs from a week ago Sat and paid an additional $32.00 for 2 day shipping because my vacation is approaching! Haven't heard a word from them and they have not responded to numerous e-mails. Unfortunately, there is no phone number to call! I think I'm out 91.00 here!! Anyway, they may be an alright outfit, but based on my experience I won't deal with them again!

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    i have had zero issues with them of recent. you sure your order went through!

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    Absolutely! I ordered on a Sat, so I figured I would be here on the following Wed with the 2 day extra shipping charge. When it wasn't here by Sat, I checked and it says "processing" under the order #. I did a search and found several other folks who have had the same issue! There's no phone number and I've written an email every day with no response! In fact, i can't find the needle valves locally so I just cancelled my houseboat reservation. Cost me 150.00 cancellation fee! I'm not a happy camper. I could have taken a chance and waited 2 more days, bit my cancellation fee would have gone up. I should have checked their name before ordering. Probably my fault in the end!

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    Just and update. I paid via Paypal and they sent them an email on 5 days ago but capefearmotorsports hasn't responded yet. Their site says my order is "in processing" still. I finally ordered the parts from another supplier. As i said, maybe they are ok, normally, but they screwed me over!

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