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    How To "Wrap Your Catch

    Before you can wrap it you gotta catch it! Get on your jet ski and go find some good bottom holding chubby Tautog.

    Drop a fiddler down on a 4/0 hook, wait for the suttle nibble and yank on the line, hopefully you pull up a keeper.

    Stop at the store for some fresh ingredients to "Wrap" your catch with. Tonight I went with garlic, red onion, spinach, tomatoes and a little salt and pepper.

    Invite a couple good friends over for dinner. Put your wraps in the oven and start working on your sides.

    Fifteen minutes later open up your steamy dinner present and put it on a plate.

    Add your sides, tonight was cous, asparagus and bread.

    Wash it down with a beverage of choice Rob and his wife Mary brought this.

    After dinner has settled, break out the surprise pastry and cover with fresh cut sugar cover strawberries and cream.

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    How To "Wrap Your Catch

    lookin' good!

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    OK, enough of this... how 'bout the next thread is titled: "Here's What's for Dinner and Being Served at 7:PM" LOL
    Good looking stuff, Brian.

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    Yummm! Never had any Tog, but I had some fresh Gulf, ski caught, Red Snapper with sweet onions and red bell pepper with baked fries and salad for lunch yesterday. The day before was Cajun Seasoned Blacktip, salad, and rice. Mine's NEVER as pretty as yours Brian, but I'm fat enough. LOL

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