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    I recently purchased a 1996 Polaris SLT 780 and I am also new to being a ski owner. I am very happy with it overall but it is extremely loud. I'm assuming it has an aftermarket waterbox on it and was wondering how I can quiet it down without loosing horsepower. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Get a stock water box. The aftermarket ones have little to no effect on performance. They just make a lot of noise.

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    Pull off the aftermarket waterbox, sell it on ebay for $40 - 60, and PM me if you are interested in a stock waterbox. I'll get it to you for cheap.....

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    Its your first ski so you may be assuming it is loud because of an aftermarket waterbox. It may just be loud because to the unaccustomed ear, these 2 strokes are just that - Loud! When I got my first 900 I couldn't believe how loud the thing was compared to the four strokes putting around, it may just be the nature of the beast. When I fired my 785 pro in my front yard the first time I had neighbours down the street coming out to see what was going will learn to love it in due course!

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    Post a pic of the water box and we'll let you know if it's OEM or aftermarket. If you have an aftermarket box I could swap you even for a good OEM one.

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    No dude. Trust me I know the sound of two strokes. This thing is unusually loud. When I'm just putin around its loud as hell like I have no exhaust on it at all. If I hit the gas a little then let off the back flow muffles it a little. If I'm full throttle it quiets down a bit but still loud. I've been next to other two strokes and it sounds nothing like them. When I'm on the lake this thing turns heads everywhere with a WTF look. I think I will look for stock box. I don't mind a little loud but pissing people off loud I don't like. Thanks for the input though.

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    Thanks a lot. I think I'll do that for sure. I'll get back to you on the buying of the box.

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