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    tryin to locate parts for my 2000 gp1200r

    hi all

    Bought a 2000 gp1200r without knowing much about jetski's. Third time out it cut out in the water and wouldnt swing again. Took it apart and found a whole in the crank case, piston in pieces and conrod snapped. Also saw that a oil blockoff was installed and i was not aware so didnt premix thus the engine running lean and snapped the conrod. So need to rebuild and need parts. if any of you have any info on where i can get parts at a decent price and willing to ship to RSA please holla back as the ski has been standing for 6MONTHS now and with summer approaching i need to get the ball rolling.

    parts i need:

    crank case
    crank/ connecting rod as crank is not bent according to engineers
    crank bearing
    top end gasket set

    if somebody can push me into the right direction it will be greatly appreciated

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    If the cases aren't too bad you could consider welding them. some pisc of the engine damage would help. the cylinder if it isn't destroyed may can be re-nicked and the crank sent to crankworks.
    Millennium technologies does a good job re nicking cylinders.

    Just some Info to kick around.

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    Im parting out my 2002 GPR, I can probably supply you with some parts, I have the crank case and the crank that has been true and welded

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    Ouch thats an expensive mistake. You didnt run lean, you ran with no oil. I premix all my skis for piece of mind. Sbt has reman engines and gaskets. Some guys swear by them, others have mixed opinions. I have a whole season on sbt gaskets in my raider and have no issues. Usually you can find cranks and cases reasonably priced in the classifieds.

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    thanks for the reply. I will post some pics so you can see the extent of the damage. (The conrod pin was laying in the hull and not much left of the piston besides shavings)Bought the ski not knowing much about ski's so got burnt in the end. Found a engineer who says he would be able to repair the crank case. Cylinders were previously re-sleeved so i'll just replace the one sleeve thats damaged. @ lazsrxp, i would be interested in the crank! and or any other parts i need if you willing to ship to SA.

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    if your not going for speed id maybe consider sbt in your case. using oem parts could be very very costly for you. just a thought

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    The cost of shipping a core to SBT and a sealed motor back to South Africa is probably more than the $1600/$1800 the rebuild costs

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    considered SBT but it will cost way to much converted. If i can get the parts in the classifieds or ebay it will be tops. Has anyone bought from Atlantic jetsports, selling a crank at a reasonable price.

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