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    Fizzle Intercooler Winterizing

    Hate to say it but I will be winterizing my fzr in two weeks. I was planning on pouring some antifreeze in the intercooler. Has anyone else done this or should I not add any antifreeze?



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    Why not pull out and empty it? Good time to clean it as well.

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    I've heard of people running an antifreeze mix through before for winterizing. It shouldn't hurt. Luckily, I don't have to worry about winterizing

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    I have not installed my Fizzle yet, but my question is on the back side, that has two holes, is there room that a third hole and hose would clear if located at the back bottom? The reason I ask is if the smaller outlet hole was located at the bottom edge of the back side instead of above the middle main outlet, you could run it to a low mounted pisser, and the IC would be self draining that way. No winterizing required.
    That is how I ran the outlet line on my GPR jetworks kit, out the bottom of the exhaust pipe to a low pump tunnel mounted pisser. Self draining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avi8tor View Post
    Why not pull out and empty it? Good time to clean it as well.
    I really do not want to take it out and clean it at this time even though I may put the stock intercooler back on in the spring. I will play it safe and add the coolant.


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