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    Question Winter boat show pricing versus current end-of-year prices?

    Buy now or hold off in hopes of a winter boat show deal is what I'm debating with myself. I'm in Tennessee and have a 2006 RXT that I've had for 2 years. It's my first PWC, bought used and I'm thinking about upgrading. If I'm going to buy a new one, I know that I should do it before next summer. I have 2 choices:

    1) Buy an end of year closeout. For example, a RXT 260 (not RXT-X) for approx 11k (plus tax, no trailer). That's $2700 off MSRP.
    2) Wait until the January/February boat show and hope to get lucky on a 2013 RXT 260.

    Anybody have any experience on special pricing that might happen during the winter boat show season? I've been told that dealers significantly discount at boat shows, but do they discount like they would on an end-of-year closeout?

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    I don't think you will do better on price at a winter boat show.
    What Seadoo does is offer a 4 or 5 year warranty, and the dealer may offer a slight discount on a new, not in stock 2013.
    Off season leftovers are always the best deal, work the dealers to add as much warranty as possible.

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    Updating this thread on results I experienced ...

    It turns out that I would have saved approximately $900 purchasing at end-of-season 2012. I learned that the savings I would have got would have come from incentives that BRP was paying to the dealer. Those incentives disappeared before the 2013 boat show happened. I also would have lost the opportunity for a 4 year warranty that was offered at the early 2013 boat show. At the boat show, I discovered that trying to find the exact ski I was looking for in a 2012 model year was difficult. In the end, I got a 2013 model for a good price w/ the 4 year warranty. I think its all about the warranty. If I didn't care about the extended warranty, I'd have gone for the 2012 model at end-of-season. For me, the warranty was important so I'm good with paying more on the new one.

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    I just sold my dealership recently but I bought my skis while I still owned the shop. I bought at boat show time when the warranty was 5 years in 2011 for my RXT 260 and 4 years in 2012 for my wife's GTR. If I had a customer who was thinking about buying near the Palm Beach Boat Show time I would always encourage them to wait a few weeks to get the boat show promotional warranty. Go for the warranty!!!! You can get something off retail and still get the promotional warranty. The warranty will save you money in the long run.

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