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    1995 Polaris sl 750 electrical help

    I am at a loss as to i need to do to get my Jetski running. It seems everything i do seems to take me a step backwards. I recently purchased this ski and it was running when i bought it. I was able to run it for about 2 hours before it took on water and water got in the engine. I found the bilge system was not working properly and got that fixed got the water out of the engine and once again it was running. The next weekend with out doing anything else to it since it was running it had no spark. I opened the CDI box to find that there was no gasket in it just some chaep silicone to seal it and the terminal board was sitting in water and deteriorating. I got a new terminal board and replaced it today but when i put everything back together and now the ski will not even crank. I opened up the cdi box again and i noticed that there is a solid brown wire but no spot on the board for brown i did however see a spot for brown/white. Is this where it goes? Also where the red/white terminals are i can only find one red/white wire but i am not sure if it is red/white or if the color has faded and it is red/purple. so my second question is is the red/white terminals used on the terminal board? and if so should there be 2 of them? Please help me with anything you can think of to point me in the right direction to get my ski running. I would love to be able to get out on the water one last time before the year is over. Thank you in advance.

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    Red/white isnt used on the 95 SL 750. Thats for the analog fuel gauge used on earlier models. Its most likely a red/purple. Trace it to the box exit and see where it goes. The brown wire is most likely a tan for the temp sensor.

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