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    GP1200r... Carb re-assembly: How do these springs go back on for the throttle bar?

    So I re-built these carbs, and I am trying to re-assemble the whole unit before I re-install it on the ski. I didn't pay enough attention when I was taking it off, thinking I could just look at the diagram in the service manual... but anyways there are two linkages on the bottom of the carb unit, one connects all three for the choke, and the other connects all three carbs for the throttle. I had no issues with the one for the choke, but I can't figure out how these springs go back on for the throttle linkage. Each carb has two springs, and some plastic washers and what not. I can't find this info in the manual, so I am hoping someone has a pic or diagram for how these springs go back on. Next time I will take a picture before I take them apart!! Thanks!!

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    what year model is your ski ?

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    I just did a carb rebuild last weekend and I know exactly what your talking about. I have a 2002 so my linkage may be slightly different but i imagine the springs go on the same. When you're putting the springs on, put them on with the end of the spring that has the "hook" (really its just bent at an angle) facing up (meaning thats the end that touches the linkage, not the carb). The plastic piece goes on top of the spring w. the flat part up, make sure as you put the linkage back on the spring that the lower strait that stops the spring from spinning is in the correct spot to put enough tension to close the plate completely. If you look closely at the carb body you should see the spot where the spring end used to rest on the carb. Hope that helps!

    Not sure if you can get anything out of this but there are some pics that might help.

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    This should help. You can see the "hook" end that I was trying to describe.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I did use that info, just forgot to say thank you.. Thank You!!! That's EXACTLY what I needed!!

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