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    2001 Seadoo XP Purchase....

    I posted another thread about a 2007 RXT 3-Seater, but I am also interested (due to asking price) in a 2001 Seadoo XP. The seller is asking $2,500.00 with trailer. Claims everything is fine with it but cannot tell me how many hours are on it. Does that seem right?, does this model not have a Hr gauge?

    This is what he is saying:
    - New Battery
    - New Spark Plugs
    - He cleaned the Carb Filters
    - Has the 951 motor
    - Plastic and paint are not faded
    - Claims it will go 60 - 70 Mph, true?

    Is there anything I need to worry about with this model and year like with the 2007 RXT (Ceramic Washers)?

    Thanks! - BillTX

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    Good ski if everything is in order. There is no info center on the ski. So no way to check hours without a BUDS or CanDoo. With rejetting and cut head the ski can easily push close to 65 mph. None of the 951 equipped skis had any unique issues. I have owned 3 `98, 2 `99, 1 `00 and 1 `02 skis. Nothing odd or different from the years. There is one down side to buying an XP used tho. These hulls have no spare space inside like any of the other models. Its easy for a novice rider to continually nose dive and fill hull full of water, causing the possibility of motor ingesting some. Its the one ski that came with a bilge pump for this reason. If compression is good and after a test ride checks out, can be a sweet ride. There still is no other ski ever made that compares to these. I am hard pressed to enjoy the ride of any other ski thats been manufactured. After doing a visual, check compression and remove both raves to look at pistons. If everything is good, then enjoy a really nice looking ski.

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    Just to add my 2 cents...the stock XPL is a 60-61 MPH ski. It is one of the best carving 2 strokes ever made, slices through wakes well. But it is really doggy on take-off, and at slow speeds tends to wander and nose-dive since the engine is in front. It likes to go fast, its really hard to handle while docking and slow speed messing around. For these reasons, some people love em, some hate em. I suggest riding it first to know what you are getting into, and if you like it. If you have ridden a larger 4 stroke like RXP or RXT, there is no comparison. A few years ago, I bought a 2001 XP as a winter project, body was absolutely mint and like new, it had only 26 hours on it, dropped a piston skirt. My oldest daughter saw it, and really wanted it as her ride. Got it running perfect, rebuilt with all new OEM parts since I thought we would keep it. My daughter hated it. (she was riding a 99 GSXL at the time..) My wife rode it, and it threw her into the water on a sharp turn. (I thought it was funny, she didn't...)

    Needless to say, I sold it shortly thereafter.

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