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    XL1200 Ltd 2000 66V jetting trouble

    Having trouble with top speed and acceleration after rebuild
    and have used the last 10 weeks on this problem, so really need some help !

    Got a used jetski, it performed pretty good before - good topspeed around 56mph, but could not idle and trouble with starting(even with primer installed), it will also bog in the start when you give full gas from zero, but topspeed where fine.
    Finally it burned a piston/cylinder on the front cylinder at the exhaust port(no compression) :-/

    Have now got a new used nikasil front cylinder, three new pistons(all where very sloppy and shored), got STD size, probaly had to get 0.5oversize if 100% right but its ok..

    Compression test now:
    Now reads 130psi on front, 145psi middle, 140psi back piston, fine right ?

    Did take the carburators out for a *complete* rebuild - found a hole(maybe screwdriver) in the PULSE LINE TUBE on the front caburator, the cause of the burned front piston ?

    Did a complete rebuild of the 3 carbs, all gasket, new jets, new needle etc, they where VERY corrided inside, and the previous owner had tryed to screw on jets etc

    66V(Powe valves engine)
    D-plate(standard on Europe model or ?), stock airbox, don't know if its any other mods ?
    Double primer installed, NO chokes installed.

    - Mainjet 135
    - Pilotjet 65(hard to read, but i could put a 1mm drill in it...maybe its drilled out)
    - Needle/Seat 1.2
    - Spring 115gram(I think)
    - Acc pump enabled(did not change gasket in it)
    - High screws: 3/4 out(no tampers there..)-
    - Low screws: Stuck!, have to drill them out..

    Now(take from forum, can be wrong...)
    - Mainjet 120
    - Pilotjet 110
    - Needle/Seat 1.5
    - Spring 95gram
    - Changed all gasket etc - but one "small flap" inside i could not change, because the screw will brake..
    - High screws: 1 out
    - Low screws: 1 out(have put some non standard in it)
    - Acc pump disabled(did just tide the arm in, so it can easily be enabled again)

    The problem is that now it can start easily, idle is fine, but top speed is max 45mph now, and acceleration is slower,
    also there seems to be MUCH smoke and smells.. too rich or too lean or, plugs are pretty black ?

    What can be wrong ??

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    Today i did turn the H screws down to 1/4 out,
    still much smoke, but seems to perform better on high RPMS(have not tryed in water yet), acceleration is still some slow..

    But suddenly on high RPMS in like 20 sec, its did say "W. TEMP" on display and it could not take gas and stopped,
    NOT GOOD i did think -maybe pistion burned.., there where water on engine, its where very cold!, not hot, compression still fine !

    Did try again, W. TEMP again after 20 sec or something..
    sparks plugs looks black - and seems wet..

    Could it be
    - a loose connection on the W.TEMP sensor ? will it reduce CDI box max speed(emergency),
    - Piston sizes(i hope not!)
    - Fire inside exhaust(rich)
    - Other ?

    What happens here ??

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    The jetting you have is for after market f/a not for a stock air box. I doubt that would cause all your problems but it may cause a rich concern.

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    Thanks. What jetting/needle/spring/acc pump is recommanded for at stock air box ?

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    I have no idea with a stock air box, I am just starting on rebuilding my ski. From what everyone on here post it is better to put f/a on, better response and performance, that is what I am putting on mine.

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    Turned the H screw down to 1/4 on all three cylinders to get it more lean,
    and did go to the water to test it..

    Did not help at first, did only go 42mph on full throttle on water.
    The W.TEMP problem seems to have gone away - no warnings at all on the water.
    Back into harbor - check Spark plug on front=black, on middle=white/brown and on back=white/brown.

    Did switch front spark and middle spark around, and did go out on the water again, to see after color change,
    there where a difference in speed !, first accelaration felt much faster and now it goes 55mph - its runs nice on full speed(low and middle area are still too rich and making sparks plugs black)

    Back to harbor - all plugs looks more fine now.

    What going on, where it just the spark plug clogged up ??

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