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    2012 Kawasaki ULTRA LX Gas Mileage

    Curious, approximately what kind of gas mileage you are getting on the Kawasaki ULTRA LX at full and 3/4 throttle? What distance are you getting out of a tank of gas? Thank you

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    Rode from DP to Cat & back on one. Average speed around 35 mph. Had around 4.5 gallons left. Pretty flat day. Rode to just inside Av. harbor. Do not recall exact miles. I am passing this may give you some idea. Our navigation was good and not alot of playing around as we were on 2 N/A ski's and objective was there and back with no re-fuel. I was on 2012 LX.
    GL would be the one to contact. He has had an LX for a few years now and would be able to give you a better idea than myself.
    Should be a great ride you are planning.

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