Hello everyone, two weeks ago my son bought a 1999 gp800, with 100 hrs on it, from a retired couple. I could tell that the ski hasnt been the water all summer.
The first time we took it out it ran like a scalded dog. With my boat GPS, i clocked it at 63 mph. I was very impressed.
The second time we took it out the ski ran great for hour then all of the sudden, while riding it, the motor dies. The ski started right back up. But then it would not run past 7000 to 7500 rpm. While we headed back to the dock it died again but started back up.
When we got home i hooked the water to it and started it up. Almost immedictely it revved to 5000 rpm and would not shut off. I pulled the lanyard, pressed the kill button, took both plug wires off, and then i disconnected the fuel line, whitch then it finally shut down. All this happened in under 30 seconds. I was scrammbling. I check the compression its good at 150 /160. Also no sighns of pitting on top of the pistions. But as you can see in the picture, of the spark plugs, one cylinder is running lean.
Heres a little history about myself.I got my first ski at 10 yr, kawi 440, raced Mx for 8yrs. I have had a few sea-doos, and to date my sone races KX-250. On the ski we mix the gas with maxima castor 970 at 45 / 1. The automatic oiler is blocked off. Very sorry for the long post. Someone please give me some wisdon
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