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    polaris sl750 fuel problem

    hi guys my 93 sl750 is giving me a head ache well i aint gonna go into all its faults as some have been fixed but now we have it fired up the pto cylinder is getting quite hot compared to the centre and mag cylinder and is trying to bum out on full throttle but on further inspection i have a quite a bit of fuel in the pto cylinder carb and cant seem to see a flow on centre or mag cylinder i have no history on the ski but shore its been dunked with the problems ive found!! its a stock fuel pump but ive never removed carbs to check them! not sure if previous owner has messsed up mixture screws is there a basic reset setting on them? water system is flushed and clean gonna remove carbs and check for faults anything to look out for? i can see a lot of fuel on pto carb but none on other two but it aint missing or running lumpy just needs more choke to keep her running any advice or settings is gratefully apreciated

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    Do this: don't ride it till done..

    Rebuild the cars with genuine mukini parts.
    Replace all the fuel lines including in the gas tank is so equipped.
    Replace the fuel filters and reinstall in correct orientation.
    Get rid of the auto-cock in the fuel system.
    Use a pulse line under 12 inches.
    Mount the the new fuel pump above the pulse fitting on the bottom of the engine block.
    Replace the original pump with a triple outlet fuel pump.
    Follow Beerars fuel line routing.
    Check the fuel separator for water in it and check the black cap for cracks. It's fragile from being older.
    Replace the fuel selector o-ring.
    Use coast guard approved fuel lines.
    Clean out the gas tank completely
    Make sure the pick up screen are on the bottoms of the fuel pick up lines is so quipped.
    Replace the plugs and gap to spec. .024"-.028" use NGK only. BR8ES.
    Make sure the diaphragms go in correctly on the carbs. They only go on 1 way.
    Use a stubby wrench to get the carb nuts off.
    Don't take the intake manifold off, just the carb rack.
    Be careful taking the oil pump rod off the carb rack. It unclips.
    Check all the oil lines for cracks. Replace is necessary. 3mm ID, 7mm OD. Special type!
    Find the restrictor in the return line and reinstall in new return line. Don't forget!
    Set the carbs to factory spec.
    Write down what size main and pilot jets you have in the metering block.
    Only replace 1 fuel line at a time! You'll appreciate that later on. Lol
    It will run you about 250.00 US.
    Compression test the motor first to see what we're working with.
    I would take the heads off too and see what the piston tops look like.
    Use grease on the intake to carb gaskets.
    Pull the blue caps off the upper needles to adjust and check the condition of the needles. Those blue caps were meant for keeping people from over leaning the motor out. They only allow a 1/4 turn adjustment. Since this ski is used, you have no idea where your at.
    You can reuse the head gaskets. Just use some copper spray on them for sealing.
    Make sure you have a strong battery too.

    Now when that's all done, you can check the condition of the stator blades,prop,siphon hose pickups for gunk in them,the bilge is clean and the grounds and motor mount.!

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    And spec 93 750 carb settings:

    Lows 1/2 turn out

    7/8 Out Mag
    1/2 Out Center
    5/8 Out PTO

    Stock Jetting:
    Mains 77.5
    Pilot 72.5

    Idle Speed 1250 RPM

    Pop off 10-18 psi

    Remove the blue caps as suggested above, and close the needles until LIGHTLY seated. You do not want them tightened too much or you will damage the needle. Then open them back up according to the settings listed.

    All of the above are common Fuji recommendations and will likely solve a lot of your issues. Do not get cheap on the ski, and it will be reliable.....

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    And don't be overwhelmed, that's really only like 3 things to do broken down into a lot of tiny steps. Basically: Clean your carbs, update your fuel system, and just take a few extra minutes to be thorough/don't cheap out on parts (namely gaskets and carb. rebuilding kits). You can find out just about any possible thing you want to know about your ski at this link:

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