hi problem is back agend i have a 2002 polairs genesis got out in the water the other day and it was running great and then its started losing power and sounding weard.. so i got her home and and check the spark plugs they were nices and golden brown,, so took the cards off and clean them up and set them..the setting was off bad how it got like that i don't no ,,anyway.. went back in the water and the problem was better but still there,, at top speed.. i then put new plugs in and run her agend seem to be a bet better but still at top speed she would bog down ontill i would lit off a bet and then she would work great any ideas and another thing im seeing a bet of salt on my back ex pipe the one that looks like the big U or big n how ever you what to look at it lol i have two clamps on it and still salt please help thank travis