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Thread: yamaha gp 1300r

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    yamaha gp 1300r

    hi guys i Am having trouble with my yamaha 1300rgp model 2000 my problem --- ski starts good runs good when its cold but lots off white
    smoke comes out off the back while running......rebuilt was done before i brought it thats what i got told compression is good...........
    once it warms up about ten min after it just shuts down completley . it cranks after it shut down but won't run at all till it cools down again the warning lite flashes off an on........ the ski has a d-plate an has got d sensor chipppp any help
    any one had this problem thankssssss

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    If it's a 2000 it is a GP1200R and it is carbed. White smoke means nothing, It could be fogging oil burning off or whatever they used for assembly. Start by checking the compression, you will know right away if it was done. What proof does he have that a rebuild was done?

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    I would eliminate the oil injection and pre-mix oil with the fuel.

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    when running in the water is both pissers shooting water, that water should be warm, not hot, and when running in the water you should be able to touch the side of the motor , it will be warm but not to hot that you cant place your hand on it.

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