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    Winterization Question

    20006 Honda F12x Aquatrax and a 2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser, both winterized fully last fall, only about ten to fifteen hours on each this year. What would you do for winterization? They both have synthetic oil, and after that little use is it worth changing? Will moisture get into the oil? Would it burn off? Could I just get away with running anti-freeze through each machine?

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    Being where you are it gets cold so yes do it. I think this whole moisture in the oil thing is overblown but it never hurts to change it. Fog it. Tender batteries inside etc. good luck

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    i do antifreeze hondas! read the owners manual! honda tells you to hook a long hose to the pipe on left side of hull by pump hold hose in air with funnel and add antifreeze till it runs out exaust! honda is the only pwc company that says one word about winterizing the others just speak of long term off season storage.

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