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    upgrades for gtr

    Ok Yall I'm thinking of starting to upgrade some parts on my 2012 gtr. As of now it goes about 68 mph and looking to hit 75mph. Where do I start and where's the most bang for the buck? Also what are some things that might help cornering as well. I'm new to riding around Houston so only been to summerville and Conroe. Any othere good place close that are not to risky if you don't know the shallow areas? Thanks much

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    Read this thread...

    It doesn't look like anyone has been able to break the GTR into the 70+mph range yet... The OP in the linked thread added a bigger X-Charger, ECU, and prop and still only hit 69mph. Later on someone made reference to the Hull being different and not having a 2nd step which allows for higher top speed. So from that I take it that the Hull is what is limiting these skis... not the HP.

    For now it looks like its a waste of money trying to make the GTR go faster... Sucks..

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    I would start with a bilge pump. Seriously.

    (not bashing any particular ski...just generally speaking. I would do a bilge before any other mods. Nothing worse that watching a nice ski take on water. That's all lol)
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    Looks like most mods just help 0-60 times not so much top end speed. Any thing for cornering?

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    The best Mod for handling is seat time. Learn how to ride your ski to its limits first and then look into modding it.

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