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    fuel line

    Looking to swap all the fuel line out on our 94 gtx and 96 gti, and was wonder where the best place to get the fuel line would be...Cheaper online somewhere maby? Also hows the quality of the fastflow fuel lines now? I was reading about some earlier problems..Thanks

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    Re: fuel line

    i think alot of people just use the black auto fuel lines at auto zone or similar store

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    trident fuel line from a marina depot store are what I got. $50 a ski is what I paid. They are USCGA lines. I guess it doesn't mater to most people. But I can see the insurance not paying if a problem accrued.

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    Go to your local auto parts store and buy Gates 1/4" fuel line. This is not prone to collapsing like non brand and imported fuel lines on tight bends.

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    Re: fuel line

    I use parts unlimited poly lines, I pick them up from eBay or amazon

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    Been using Shields Series 368 for almost two years now with good results. Thick walled & USCG approved. Pretty nice fuel line. Premium grade line. Set it and forget it...

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