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    End of day water clear out!

    I'm currently waiting for some needle valve springs to get my '93 up and running. Sitting here and thinking of my last try at tuning my machine. At the end of my tuning session (which didn't go all that well), I started my sky when it was on the trailer for 10 sec or so to blow out the water. Once I was home, and in an effort to check the piston wash ( brand new top end) and diagnose my carb problem, I removed the heads. As soon as they were loose, water poured out of the cyl head cooling ports. Once the heads were off, I saw that no water had been in the actual cyl, but the head cooling ports were to the top. I loosened the back flow hose connector and the water, obviously, immediately drained for the heads into the hull. I thought that running it on the trailer would have blown that water out? If it should have, it's not the has been removed!

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    im no expert but i know the early polaris are not self draining.. revving should only really blow water out of the water box up the pipe and out the hole in the hull.. someone will chime in soon with a better answer

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    There is a lot of good info about the '92 & '93 cooling systems here:

    You might have sand packed into a drain, not allowing any water to circulate.

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