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    Afr installation and usage

    Hi all,
    Im looking at installing a Inovate afr gaude on my ski as im getting some issues at wot. Im looking at the innovate gaude because of its popularity on here. Firstly where to install the sensor. It looks like there is a blank in the exhaust manifold beside the top water hose, is this where most people are installing the sensor??? I see that you can buy a spacer to go inbetween the exhaust manifold and the j pipe but this means adjusting the tail pipe length and its just another component which has the potential to go wrong.
    Has any one put an O2 sensor directly into the exhaust manifold. Any other tips regarding this subject would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance...

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    This thread may help, its on a 07 manifold.

    The spacer option creates more heat in the engine bay and I think only fit the straight pipe later type not J pipe set ups but I may be wrong on that.

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