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    2002 polairs genesis carb and premix question

    Hi my question is do I need bigger jets in the carbs if I'm mixing my gas. The oil pump I got reed of and now I'm mixing 40/1

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    You should be fine. Why did you remove the oil pump?

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    I lost a rebuilt engine and the only think we can see is she wasn't getting oil the piston are all scored and the crank is out 1 or 1 1/2 Now I'm haven carb problems first started with her cutting out died in the water after running for a bet now after cleaning the carbs she is losing power at full throttle and fine at 3/4. So I just order a new carb hopefully that will ficks my problem. Time I bought all the rebuild kit and had someone rebuild it I was better off put out another $100 and now im going to have a new one never been used

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