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    1999 Polaris SLX 1050 running problems

    Hi i have a 1999 polaris slx 1050 that i am struggling to get to run properly

    it has just been rebuilt after having the the starter bendix replaced & the carbs rebuilt,

    the first time out on the water after rebuild it ran ok seemed to be missfiring a little to start off with then it gave up and wouldnt run, so back home to try to fix the plugs were replaced again and cleaned up all the plug leads & tightened the ends, it then seemed to run fine when on the hose.

    the second time we took it out it ran great for 2ish hours then it went back to running like a bag of bones, it would rune fien for 30 secs after letting it sit for a while and restarting then go back to running bad, so back home again strip down carbs & fuel pumps to check that they are all together correctly, everything looks good in them. checked the impulse lines were not blocked in any way, checked all hoses were tightened up everything checks out so back together again.

    today took it out and it ran for 2-3 mins not feeling perfect but running (45ish mph showing) then went back to running bad, the engine idles but as soon as pull throttle it bogs down and struggles to run.

    while its having troubles running i have noteced that the fuel seperator is not full of fuel its maybe 2/3 full
    i have had it running on each of the three cycliders individually

    the engine was stripped out of the ski and fitted with a complete new set of gaskets
    the carbs & fuel pumps have been rebuilt with new gaskets/diaphrams etc
    the fuel lines have all been replaced, fuel sender, water seperator, tap all cleaned out

    im now stuck as to what to look at next, can anyone advise what to check next?

    thansks dougie.

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    If you open the gas fill is there pressure or suction? When it starts running badly I mean. Also have you rebuilt the gas pump?

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    Original or updated ignition?

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    I will double check tomorrow but i think it may be the original

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter2003k View Post
    I will double check tomorrow but i think it may be the original
    That could be your issue.

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    would the test procedures listed in the knowledge base confirm if the part is failed, im hoping its not the case as it will most lilely be hard to find a good or new upgrade kit in the uk

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    I would think any ignition components that run well, then show signs of failure will bench test fine, unless you are able to test IMMEDIATELY after the change in performance.....

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