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    Angry Dash shows high temp warning with long beep???

    I have a 04 185 SC the only mods are upgraded SC propeller and grate. It has 145 hrs and never gave trouble. Two weeks ago it started going high temp on dash at WOT if you let off a little say 200 rpm it goes away back to WTO it comes back. When you first take it out it takes about an hr before the problem starts. It is a closed loop system and I have checked and replaced antifreeze and still have problem.
    After talking to my seadoo dealer and so called mechanic they gave my there shop manual and said good luck. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Do the 185's have an exhaust temp sensor aswell?

    The temp sensors for exhausts and coolant temp are known to go bad... Could be as simple as a dodgy sensor..

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