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Thread: 100 hr service

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    100 hr service

    My 2012 Sea Doo GTX 215 will need this soon. I was quoted by the dealer about$1000.00. Is this something a reasonably competent auto mechanic can do? Are there step by step instructions on what to do? thanks

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    I cant believe they want that much, I just had my 50 hour service and winterized for 250 bucks. They must be going to rebuild the super charger for that price and if so from what I have seen in these forums if you take it off you can send it to someone at greenhulk and save a ton of money,but your year ski dont call to have it rebuilt till 200 hours. Im sure someone that knows more then I do on here will help you out with this question. Good luck

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    100hrs on a 2012 ski? Good for you!

    On all prior model skis from ~'04-'11 called for a supercharger rebuild at 100 hours. For 2012 they decided that the superchargers didn't have to be rebuilt until 200hrs. Most likely at the $1000 price tag your dealer is quoting you to have the supercharger rebuilt. Does it need to be done? According to the service manual no... but would I ever run a Seadoo past 100hrs without rebuilding it... Hell no.

    There are only 3 screws holding the supercharger on. You can pull it yourself and ship it to Jerry (owner of this site) and he will rebuild it for you. The rebuild kit is $328 and I think he charges around $50 to rebuild it... plus shipping both ways.

    The only other thing done at the 100hr mark should be a Oil/Filter/Spark plug change. The kit cost around $70 and if you can read and have basic hand tools you can do it yourself.

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