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    Hi, just got this ski,it had been sitting in a garage a couple years with a new top end, just took it out yesterday,it ran good , lots of fun. It had a little hesitation right when you tried to get on plain, but after that it ran awesome. yes it does still have the gray tempo lines,planning on replacing those and cleaning the carburater. just wondering if there is an adjustment that might help with hesitation, thanks.

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    Making sure the fuel delivery is good. When you have carb apart, clean all of the jets and orfices very well. When old fuel dries it leaves a very thin film that severely restricts flow. Just because you cant see it dont mean it aint there. If carb is equipped with accelerator pump, make sure it flows freely. These are bad about dead fuel resiude blocking up passages. Then after all is reassembled you can adjust the high and low speed needles as per Seadoo manual for that model and should be very close to ideal settings. Just because the carb looks clean overall inside, it usually isnt. You cant go overboard cleaning these, so dont skimp on the job.

    Dont forget to remove the fuel selector valve and thoroughly clean. If any buildup is present, best to replace. If its the smaller one for 6mm or 1/4" fuel lines they are very reasonably priced. The larger one, not so much.

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