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    Wink Kawasaki X2 has very loud exhaust.

    Its fast but loud. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Kawasaki X2 has very loud exhaust.

    What are you asking?

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    Funny. With that triple in there the waterbox probably isn't even used. Did you do the transplant yourself? Rad dudes has a front facing exhaust upgrade that would allow the waterbox to be used. Is that a 900 or 1100?

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    its an 1100 the ski was built by the "ski clinic" for the 900 motor for a racer. The 900 blew so I bought the modded hull and put an 1100 in there. No there isnt a water box. The exhaust is ran thru the back with a baffled pipe. I'd rather have the exhaust out the back. With side exhaust exit it affects your turns to that side.

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    I've seen some different Utube videos of x2's with 900's and 1100's - Very nice. There were a few build threads on another site with a setup like yours where the pipe was modified to exit to the front so the stock waterbox location could be used.

    Sure looks nice!

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    Have you tried injecting water to quiet it down at the tip where the exhaust leaves the hull

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    Thanks BLR. Its a blast to ride. Personally I love the sound. Others will think its too loud i'm sure. The pipe is baffled and runs out the back.

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    Rode it Friday on some flat water. Only the 2nd time out. And holy SH*T. Hang on!! if you can pin the throttle for more then 3 seconds you got a bigger sac then me.

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