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Thread: 2006 1300 parts

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    2006 1300 parts

    Hey guys,
    last december I bought all most of Gus's parts from his gpr when he was doing his conversion. I was going to build a second EFI xlt, turns out getting a fzr instead. I have a link to gus's original thread. Everything with my name next to it is up for sale for the same prices.
    List is mostly all electrics/exhaust/motor mounts/ross nemo throttle bodies.
    take a look at the link.
    Pleae PM if interested in anything! Not going to respond to low ball offers!!!!! Gus had very fair pricing and I will honor that!

    pictures are on post 16

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    display sold

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    Damn, sorry you didnt get a chance to put all those part to use. Bump for a good guy.

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    Thanks bud, rather have a nice red ski to ride instead. ;0)
    I will still keep the original efi i built. Just decided I cant part with that one, too nice!!

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    cases still avail?

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    never were cases for sale......sorry

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    Did you ever sell the 1300 reeds?

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