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    07 Ultra lx vs Stx 15f

    Could you guys please give me some perspective as to the differences in these two skies? I know the obvious, I'm looking for more info about how different they perform. How much quicker is the stx? How much more top speed does it have? Is it more playful? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    07 Ultra lx vs Stx 15f

    I thought you said you knew the obvious ?

    15 f is light playful and fun for the river with slightly higher top sped then the Lx the Lx will eat up any rough water you throw at and be a tank. Less playful on flat water but when it gets rough it will be your he's friend along with great range and double the storage. Both skis are good just depends what your intentions with the ski Are.

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    The 12 will turn very quickly, as quick as you like, and can physically hold onto.
    It's a wet ski if there is any wave action.... in these conditions it will pound a bit.
    It's reasonable quick, bit quicker than the LX due to hull and weight.
    The LX has a lot more cargo room (the 12f has enough for me) and may prove faster, if conditions are rough.
    Either ski is a very good choice, if maintained as required. I have the 12f and 15f, and no regrets about our choices.

    That said, I don't bother going out if there is any wave action, not a fan of getting pounded to a pulp!

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