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    2011 RXT 260 IS maintenance?

    So im somewhat new to jet skis. I have been boating all my life, so I have some basic knowledge on jet skis flushing etc. How often do I need to get mine serviced? I got the 10 hour service and am know at 50 hours, do I need to bring it in? I check the oil and coolant before I go out every time. Also, when it comes to getting the supercharger rebuilt, how much should I expect to pay for the dealer to do it. I know the head of this forum runs a service, but how do I clear the code once I replace it if I did send it to him?

    thanks guys

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    No you don't have to take it to a dealer. Everyone here will suggest to you to do your own maintenance for many reasons. I change my oil, oil filter, and spark plugs EVERY spring. 4 qts of oil $24 (actually use 3.3 qts), oil filter $10, spark plugs at O Rielly's $2.49 each. DO NOT, let your dealer touch the SC, remove it your self at 100 hours and send it to Jerry for service! The "service light" is simply a timer, it will not limit you in any way. If you want more control over this, reset fault codes and more capability then get a "CanDoo" programer from the online store. You can always have the dealer reset the code(s) with BUDS anytime, mine did it for nothing others charge $$$.

    The more you learn about your own ski and do your own work will give you more confidence and knowledge to deal with stuff, like impeller and or wear ring replacement, etc.

    Order a shop manual and other OEM parts here:

    See the bottom of the page, $125 for a shop manual is worth every penny!

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