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    800 XLT Low RPM "Rev Limiter" / Limp mode ??? PLEASE HELPPP

    I have a 2002 Yamaha XLT800 thats ran great. New engine last yr etc.

    Ran great last weekend and when it was put up. Today, idled around for a couple minutes letting it warm up, when I gave it throttle its hitting a rev limiter (Like some skis do when in reverse) and wont get on plane. I thought it was fouled plugs, put new ones in, same thing. Its most def an electronic rev limter kicking it. Engine is not over heating, no warning lights etc. Compression is 120 both cylinders. What gives?

    Is there a certain sensor wire I can unplug to test for a bad sensor?

    It does it on the trailer also. Ski starts and idles fine. Any ideas on what to check would be great!!


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    does the ski shake badly when doing this. Sounds like you stripped the splines on the drive shaft.
    btw no limp mode on the 800.

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    like scott said no limp mod, if your hitting the limiter and not moving you probably stripped the splines or something stuck in between the impeller and liner.

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    No the pump is working great. Removed the Electrical box cover, pulled the CDI and all connections.. Put it all back in and it ran great? lol Im guessing a loose connection somewhere in there did it. It literally was cutting the ignition like a rev limiter.

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