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    No Spark

    I have a 1996 Polaris SL700. I just recently rebuilt the carbs and put everything back together. Upon installing the battery my helper inadvertently connected the battery backwards! It wasn't caught for a few minutes because the bilge started to run and wouldn't shut off like normal so I focused my efforts to the bilge and why it wasn't shutting down. It was probably 10 minutes passing before I noticed that the battery was installed wrong. NOW... the problem at hand, I had a good strong spark before this mishap now I have nothing. What are the chances that hooking the battery up wrong shorted out the CDI? And why didn't the circuit protector not pop like I thought it should have!

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    You chances are very good that you killed the stator or CDI or both. Always double and triple check that you are connecting the battery correctly.

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    i second that one

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