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Thread: Odd Mod..KAIS

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    Odd Mod..KAIS

    Guys I need some feedback on a Mod I'm thinking about performing to my 00 Zxi 1100.

    Currently the ski is in pieces undergoing a full rebuild. One of the mods I would like to perform
    is a mod to the Kais (air induction system)

    Would there be a benefit of adding a forced style induction to the KAIS system utilizing a form of blower system? I'm not sure anyone has tried this, and searchs do not show any results in this area. I wanted to maximize performance starting from the basics of the machine hull design and working along from there.

    I understand the reason why kawasaki added it in, but I don't have any hard evidence it actually performs as expected other then trusting kawi's single indicator that it increases performance. had anyone tried mid-top speed testing with the system plugged versus if the system was pressurized? I had not had the chance myself to explore here yet but don't want to spend time in this area if it will not add any more performance.

    Feedback appreciated.

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    I was under the impression that Kawasaki did away with this design in '97 after they had high speed stability problems with it on the '96 models. There was a recall on the '96s that required the installation of a 'nose bowl' type of device on the front of the hull to keep it from flipping over at high speed.

    If you were to install a blower in the engine compartment, I would think that would starve the engine of air.

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