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    blown seadoo lrv motor

    Hi im new to pwc world and recently purchased a 2001 seadoo lrv, it was a barn find with only 50 hours of run time, after i purchased it i took it to a shop here in havasu, explained the history of the pwc and asked what i needed to do to get it running, the prior owner gave ma a rebuild kit from seadoo and new fuel lines to install, i had the shop in havasu do the work as i am not a seadoo tech. they rebuilt the carb and tested it and found the impeller was bent, I had them redo the impeller and check anything else that needed to be done also. they charged me 350.00 and i gave the guy that worked on some money for lunch. I took it out twice and it ran great. 52mph all day, the first time i took it out i went thirty miles up river and the second time down the lake about another thirty miles or so, ran perfect. the third time i took it out was to watch the jet ski races here in havasu. didnt get a mile and it bogged down no power. paddled back to the boat ramp. and took it back to the repair shop. they pulled the head and said water got into the intake via loose bolt and missing bolt on exhaust, my question is does the pipe have to come off to rebulid the carb? what do you think, the shop told me 1800 to rebuild the motor. like i said i have no experience on the pwc, but it was alot of fun when it ran.
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    Some seem to think so but i believe most do not. does it have a rubber boot covering the head pipe and the exhaust pipe mating spot? they do leak but i would think that it would cough and stumble before it would just quit. if you have some pictures of thst area or the engine with the head cap off would get you a better answer. mines just a shot in the dark

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    the parts they showed me, was the head and the exhaust bolted right up to the engine with a gasket in between, i have tried to find a picture in manuals to see if the pipe has to be removed before you can rebuild the carb. I am trying to find out if when the carb was rebuilt maybe the tech didnt properly reinstall the bolts all photos show blue loctite to be used on all bolts.

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    blown seadoo lrv motor

    No the pipe does not have to come off, what was the actual damage

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    I was told i needed new crank ,pistons. and the cylinders bored.

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    The 951 engine needs a special procedure to properly tighten down the exhaust pipe, otherwise it will eat the bolts that attach it to the exhaust header. This might be what happened to your ski. They installed a "diaper" starting in 2001 to catch spray from this event and keep it from going into the carbs. If someone didn't tighten the exhaust pipe correctly, and left off the diaper when they did the work, it will ingest water and kill the engine as you have found. Do you have the diaper on the pipe? If you don't know what you are looking at, post a photo and we will let you know.

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    no, the pipe does not NEED to be removed to remove the carbs. If your machine was original and never tampered with, the pipes are usually installed very well and bolts and nuts stay put. The problems start when you get a person working on these machines that thinks he knows what he is doing-- the pipe is the largest challenge for most as I buy or repair 30+ 951 powered skis each year and the pipe halves are not put together properly, studs broken off, missing nuts, busted mounts, gaskets on backwards.

    Whoever you get to redo your ski, do your research on your mechanic as just because he used all the parts does not mean that it is done correctly-- there are MANY hacks out there...

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    thankyou seadood and jim thats what look like what happened, the tech said the engine had appeared to have never been oped but he thinks the exhaust had, there was one bolt in the bilge and one was broken off, the repair shop here in havasu came highly recommended by my vehicle mechanic, and i trust his opinion and has the same people work on his family skis. thank you for the input it has eased my mind on moving forward with the new motor rebuild. i will check and ask about the diaper before i leave the shop when its done. thank you for all the helpful info.

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