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    Imperial River ramp on 41 in Bonita Springs, FL

    Does anyone put in here? It's $5, but I am sure my truck uses at lease that to go the rest of the way to Lover's Key. My only issue would be the fact that the river is an idle zone all the way out. How long does it take to get out to the beach? Is it patrolled or can you "make better time"? I live off of Williams in Estero and was just looking for some close options. I looked at the ramp at Week's Fish Camp out the end of Coconut, but it is disgusting and costs 10 bucks.

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    Nobody uses this ramp? Guess I won't either!

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    Hmm, I was hoping I could find an option for you on my site, but I don't have any trails on the Imperial River. I do have some POIs, however, on Sanibel and north of Ft. Myers as well as the Naples to San Marco area. Maybe you can find something of use, IDK... (scroll from middle to near bottom of page, I think).

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    Thanks Gator, I'll check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBaGZ View Post
    Thanks Gator, I'll check it out.
    Quite welcome. If you have a favorite trail, Trip Report, or picture for any of the trails, please let me know.

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    i haven't used the imperial ramp, all the time's i've been on lovers key i've either launched from the LK ramp, or from the one off coconut rd next to the hyatt, $10 and its not that nice at all, i think its fish eating creek marina or something like that don't quote me on the name.

    i think that whoooole long ride down the imperial would be no wake, although maybe for some stretches you could abuse that if nobody is around,

    but the LK ramp to your imperial ramp is what..? 7 miles down the road... and free, vs $5, I can't imagine you'd save gas by doing the imperial ramp, but you might save time during season as it gets backed up leaving the beach. but IMHO the Lovers Key ramp is the ramp of choice, i've launched there at least 20 times, and i've never had any issues, double ramp, moves quickly, lots of parking, good security, its the best ramp for lovers key hands down.

    and to be honest, if you ride pwc's , worrying about 1 extra gallon of gas in your truck is the least of your problem, that will get you all of about 5 miles on your ski

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