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    DJSA 2012 Season Finale - Race 7 & 8, Oct 27th and 28th, Lake Minden RV Park~

    Coming up next ~
    DJSA 2012 Outlaw Point Series Finale

    Race #7 - Sat Oct 27th
    Race #8 - Sun Oct 28th
    Lake Minden RV Park
    Nicolaus California

    Physical Address –
    1256 Marcum Rd
    Nicolaus Ca 95659
    (530) 656-2700

    Saturday – Race #7
    Jr time trials / Jr match racing,

    Open practice for all classes,
    2 long heats of racing for every class

    Sunday – Race #8
    3 heats of racing for every class.

    Entrance for the park is easily accessed from nearby hw 99.
    Nicolaus Ave to Marcum Rd to Park entrance at 1256 Marcum Rd or
    Exit Powerline Rd
    which intersects with Marcum at the park entrance.

    After checking in at the gate, you’ll drive to the left around the lake to the east side camping area. It is a narrow one lane road and the speed limit is 5 mph. Please help with continuing to make a good impression with the park staff and make extra efforts to abide by their rules. As with any site we are their guest and we definitely want to keep coming back each season. Thank you in advance for your continued efforts!

    Our camping area is located on the far side of the lake which is where all race activities will take place. (camping, parking, sign in, registration, pits, launching, announcing, scoring etc)
    Pit and camping sites are first come first served…
    All race skis will be pitted at water’s edge or on dollys on the grass area.
    There is limited beach area but a cart or dolly might be a better for the standups.
    Sits usually anchor out on a short line.
    No skis will be beached on the startline except for the team orange safety skis.

    All camping and reservation info is at or call Sonja at 530-656-2702.
    Unless you are staying in one of the cabins, or the full hookup RV spaces, our site is located in section “C”. Section C is on the grass adjacent to the race course and there are lots of trees for shade as well as water, bbq’s, and tables, but there are no 110 electrical hook ups in this area.

    * Neighbor friendly generators are welcome, but if you’re bringing a commercial grade earth shaker please bring 2000 ft of extension cords with you…(jes sayin!!)

    The DJSA rate for dry camping is $25 a nite. The full hookup RV sites are $40 a nite. I stayed in one of their small cabins a couple years back and they are excellent accommodations for $70 or so a nite but you’ll have to call for the current rate. All vehicles are $5 a day. Anyone from
    Minden can help you, but Sonja is the one who helped put this all together.

    On Saturday, registration will be open from 930am till 11am for Saturday racing.
    (Junior registration will be open from 700 to 8am for time trials and match racing)

    On Sunday, reg will be open at 7:30am.
    Reg will close at 9:30am sharp.
    You must be registered to practice
    Practice starts at 830 for the standups.
    Practice for the sits will be at 915.

    All of you will have to make an effort to be rolling early otherwise we’ll be looking at less race time. The course will be ready, the staff will be ready, but the most important people we need to be ready is you. If you want to get a lot of racing in and get on the road home at a decent hour, everyone is going to have to help out by “being on the line when it’s time!!!” There will be no interruptions and only a couple short breaks. All I want to see on Sunday is a whole lotta racing gpong on!!!

    Pre-reg entries are now being accepted for both days. Please save us time on race day and email your entry forms so I can get them on the class rosters. If you don’t have one stored on your computer, download one from and send it to me so I can get it early. PLEASE FILL THE FORM OUT COMPLETELY!!! Pre-reg discount entries and request will be accepted up until Thursday Oct 25th at 9pm. If I have your entry form on file you can send me an email of intent to race, but I need to know if you're racing Sat, Sun, or Both days. I will also need to know if there is any ski info or race number changes from what we have on file fpr you.

    Start position choices for saturday and sunday racing WILL BE determined by THE ORDER IN WHICH YOUR ENTRIES ARE RECEIVED. All racer entries received after Thursday night or on race day will randomly draw for start positions on the line after all pre-registered racers have selected their positions on the line, and on this start – I would definitely want to be as close to the far right as possible!!! (Jes sayin…)
    Jim or Stan will assign interns or novice racer start positions on the line.

    Race 7 Saturday Entry Fees – $60 all classes

    Race 8 Sunday Entry Fees - $60 all classes
    If you are racing both days - $100 all classes
    Race day entries are $80 – all classes
    Additional classes are $20 per class per day
    Junior match racing on saturday - $20 per jr. racer

    * Advance payment via paypal helps me out and speeds things up on race day, but that’s not as important as receiving your early entry forms. I only need one entry form per racer, but it is important you check off ALL CLASSES you are running with all pertinent race ski and race number info.

    Please make sure you are sending me a 2012 entry form with the new class structure listed on the form. I can receive the forms as a word document or pdf file only. Incomplete entry forms cannot be accepted. Please fill them out completely. The information requested is for a reason and is not optional. ALL entries taken onsite on race days will be $80 regardless of class.

    Tentative Schedule – Saturday
    700am – Junior clinic and shootout registration
    800am – Junior practice
    900am – Junior time trials and match racing
    930am – 11am registration

    1030am – open course practice by class
    1) 550 JS – X2’s short course
    2) 750 and under, 800 nov, 800 legends long course
    3) 850 expert stands / Fast Stands – long course
    4) 800 sport runabout / Sport Sit 1200 gp open – long course
    5) Sprint Sit 1350 / SCXP expert- long course
    Noon – roll call and mandatory riders meeting

    1230 till the end – 2 long heats for every class
    530pm – Race 7 awards (with Jet Effect awards for those present)

    * Depending on how many of you are around Saturday night, I think I would dig the chance to have a round table talk with all of you, (staff and racers) to find out what you liked this year, what you didn't, and what you'd like to see happen over the next couple seasons. Beverages welcome but NO JACK FOR JIM... jes sayin

    Tentative Sunday Race Schedule
    700am – Reg Opens / REG CLOSES PROMPTLY AT 900am!
    830am – Short session course practice by class
    10am – Roll call and Mandatory Riders Meeting at the Announcing Tent
    1030am – 1st rounds of heats
    1230pm – 2nd round of heats
    230pm – 3rd round of heats
    430pm – course tear down / skis trailered
    500pm ~ awards on site

    Tentative running order ~

    Awards ~
    1st thru 3rd for full classes.

    1st place for light entry classes

    Please remember -
    10" (or larger) race numbers are required on every ski.
    (If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add initial of last name)
    No numbers - no tow loop – no lanyard - no racing – no exceptions!
    And again,
    No numbers - no tow loop – no lanyard - no racing – no exceptions!
    And again,
    No numbers - no tow loop – no lanyard - no racing – no exceptions!

    Starts ~
    Band starts from the beach.
    * Standups, X2’s, and all Standup classes - motors running.
    * 800 Runabouts and Sport Sits - motors running
    * Sprint Sits and SCXP dead engine lemans with racer standing behind ski.
    * All holders must wear a helmet, eye protection, shoes and pfd.
    * All non racer holders must sign a waiver following the riders meeting to receive a pit pass. No pit pass, no holding, no access to the start gate area, no exceptions…

    It is the racer’s responsibility to ensure their holders have NOT consumed alcohol during the day.
    Violations of this rule will result in the racer starting unassisted - or being DQ’d.

    Start board -

    Yellow means start it up and get ready to go.
    Green means the band will snap at anytime, and you better be looking at it and not Robby!!! Equipment malfunctions excluded – anyone jumping the band or causing a restart will reposition to the outside line and start dead engine without holders.

    Fueling ~
    Fueling beachside is only allowed with use of absorbent pad at the nozzle.
    I will provide all fuel pads for your use, but keep in mind I pay for them and they are costly. Please use only what you need.
    Used pads MUST go into the metal disposal can located behind the startline.
    If not using a pad – your ski must come out of the water.
    Any waterside fueling without an absorbent pad will DQ you for the rest of the day so please stay smart – on and off the water...

    Scoring Reminder ~
    The DJSA closed course points scale mirrors the IJSBA closed course points scale, however our points do not apply towards IJSBA or APBA race events. DJSA points apply only to the DJSA series.

    Please don’t forget ~
    * The One Ski Length safe zone rule is in effect at all times
    * 100 ft yield rule is in effect at all times
    * Penalty “walk of shame” buoys will be in place – and they will be taken at NO WAKE SPEED… Standups kneel down in tray – Sits look back and make sure you’re slow enough.
    * NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS EVER or you will immediately be black flagged.
    * Reckless racing is grounds for leaving early and/or facing suspension from the series.
    * Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, by any racer, crew, or family member, on or off the water, is an invite to leave early and / or face suspension from the series. That includes any disrespect displayed to staff, other racers, crews, spectators, or any site hosts.
    * No alcohol is permitted until the END of the race day by any race participant.
    * Drug use of any kind is prohibited and will not be tolerated from racers, crews, staff, or
    * All racers must be 18 years of age unless accepted into djsa internship by the race director.
    * ALL RACERS must have proof of current medical insurance available to show upon request.

    Racing hard and racing fast will always have my respect, but winning doesn’t always make you a winner. Racing clean,and racing safe while watching out for your fellow brother and sister racer on the race course will always make you a winner, and for whatever it’s worth, you’ll always have my sincere respect.

    Pit Vehicles –

    Allowed for launching and routine transport only within the race site area. No “joy riding” no reckless operation, and no underage operation without parental supervision. We almost lost this privilege last time, please be smart and don’t put me through that again...

    Hotel info ~
    Our friends at Comfort Suites in Marysville have always given us great rates but I don’t know how they’re availability is looking. Those not camping onsite can view a list of area hotels at

    Looking to ride on Friday? Our friends at CFW always have their doors open for us.
    CampFar West located about 25 miles from Marysville.

    Please call or email me with any questions. As always, I thank you for your support and your continued interest in racing with DJSA.

    Here’s 2 important words most of you like to hear -
    “Lets Race”
    jes sayin…

    Jim Lambert

    ps - Welcome to the world #149J - Dylan Zernik!!! Dylan won't be able to make the juniors race at Minden but Pete says he'll be ready by next season, and somehow - I'm not doubting that a bit!!! Congrats to Pete, Vanessa, and Mariah on the team expansion!!
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    Jim is x2's running the blue line too? notice it says short course

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    Looks like another fun track!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgreene225 View Post
    Jim is x2's running the blue line too? notice it says short course
    Tyler, The blue line course is for the junior time trials and match racing.
    The x-2 would run everything but the 3 box turns on the west side, similar to what they did at Jet Effect.
    I sent a deagram to your email. If the "Army" wants to run the full course they can. but we'll take
    a class vote after practice on saturday.


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    Remember that meet and greet in Chowchilla I dragged a lot of you guys out for?
    Well I probably should have presented this to a mixed panel of judges - rather than an all girl panel,
    but all girl panels are so much more fun to work with!!! jes sayin

    Seems like the ladies took a liking to ~
    the #1 of Steve Girling from the X-2's, (Karty's ski, and the Team Wilson skis were close in the running)
    the #951 of Stormin Normin Yee from the Sport Sits,
    and the #149 of Pete Zernik... Yes it's true, the bold gold glitter 149 ski beat out Roberts, Tate, Troegner, and the #3 Muscle Milk ski although ALL THE GIRLS fell in love with junior racer Rachel Gidley and her #14 ski...

    Congrats to outlaw racers Girling, Yee, and Zernik who will all be riding "on the house" at the Minden weekend finale.

    This year seems like its been filled with alot of hard work and challenges, but it was also filled with some very cool memories - and as hot as it was at Chowchilla, I'll never forget how COOL it was to see all you guys signing autographs with your skis on display friday evening at the Save Mart lot. My sincere thanks to all of you for representing yourselves and this sport - as true professionals.
    Best in the West? Oh yeah... without a doubt!!!


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