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    Yamaha VX110 parts, motors, ecu, wiring harness, etc South Florida

    Yamaha Engines--------
    Call Mike 305 741 3157

    3-2011 Yamaha vx110 running engines. Motors come in long block form. Including gear reductions, oil resvoirs, exhaust, stator assbly and flywheel W/cover $2200 no core needed these are drop in engines, also avalible with complete electrical systems $3000.

    4-Yamaha Vx110 Core Motors
    Longblock with gear reduction, stator, oil resvior, head etc, motor turn over but have low compression.
    $1100each take all 4 $ 3500

    1-2008 Vx motor running, motor runs great but has some corrosion on outside , good compression etc.
    $ 1500

    1-Yamaha vx110 head, good condition just bolt on and go $799

    5-Yamaha VX110 heads $400each including Cams and bridges etc-need valve job

    4-Yamaha vx110/FX HO cases $750each

    5-stator covers, and stators $150each

    8-oil resvoirs $75each

    5-exhaust systems $125each

    4-Vx 110/FX HO cases with crank and pistons $900

    4-vx110/FX HO cranks $250each

    1-Yamaha 1100 raider motor complete drop in motor, with carbs, exhaust, electrics . $1100 or take whole ski with title $1200

    Yamaha VX110 Parts------------

    12-Yamaha VX110 intake manifolds "black plastic" $100ea
    retail $350

    8-vx110 oxygen sensors on intake manifold $30 ea

    10-Vx motor mounts $25ea

    7-VX110 speedo gauges/cluster $200ea

    Vx110 wiring harness
    1-2010 VX110 - $350
    1-2005-09 Deluxe harness $450

    2-vx110 ECU/ECM 2005-2010 models $350each retail $1000ea

    3-2010 VX110/1 100 intermediate housings $100each

    7-Yamaha Vx steering cables $50ea

    4-VX110 - rectifier/regulator $75each

    10-VX110 Yamaha fuse box/electrical box $100ea

    9-'Yamaha VX110 throttle bodies
    fits 2005-2010 VX's
    price $350 retail is $1,673.25

    6-VX/FX fuel pumps $125each

    10-vx110/1100 Fuel Rails $75ea
    $250ea with 4 good injectors

    23-fuel injectors good clean $50ea

    6-Yamaha VX110 jet pumps with props, vein sec, reduction nozzle, transome plates and steering nozzles $250 each

    49-VX/FX stick coils- $50ea retail $120ea

    13-VX exhaust resonators $35ea

    3- VX110/FX water boxes $40ea

    10- Yamaha VX110 ride plates, $70ea

    10-VX110 intake grates $65each

    9-intermediate coupler biscuits $20ea

    10-Yamaha vx110 seats $50-$150ea

    1-GP1200R complete jet pump with prop and drive shaft $250

    Take all my VX Parts $5k and I will throw in a longblocks Vx motor

    Yamaha FX parts--------------

    6-silver mirror assmblys for FX

    2-complete hood cowlings

    1-fuel octopus pump
    1-reverse system

    1-Complete intake manifold/
    -Throttle Body

    2-Fx seat covers BN F1k u371b 70b

    1 fx regular seat cover new front seat

    1-fx regular rear seat cover BN

    2-fx BN hood cowling glass
    F1x u515n 01

    1-Fx wiring harnesses

    1-fx intake covers

    1- Vx exhaust system

    3- oil resviors

    2-fx pistons with rods

    2- hood assembly's

    3-dash assembly's

    1-reduction nozzle

    8- spark plug coil/caps

    Parts Package deal all FX parts and 1-engine block for $2500 :

    Sincerely Mike
    (912) 541 0647
    (305) 741 3157

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    how much for the stator sec. with stub shaft and impeller ? ship to 95316 fhanks will

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