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    2012 seadoo gti 155 flush hose

    I just bought a new 2012 seadoo gti 155 se. When I went to flush it out the connection on the hull came loose. I was able to after many hours to get it tightened backup. My question is does this hose do anything other than flush the ski. When your running on the lake does that hose and connection do anything and if the hose was twisted or came loose will it hurt the ski in any way. Thanks

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    It is a water outlet while riding
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
    It is a water outlet whole riding
    So water does exit out that flush hole while riding. So if the line is disconnected will it fill the hull up. Sorry to be a pain never owned a seadoo with Closed loop cooling.

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    Do you by chance have a picture of this water outlet?
    I am as green as they come and my hull is filling with water as well. And I did hook the ski up to the hose a few weeks back to dry run it before the lake

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