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    04 STX 12F Water leaking in hull | Questions

    I've traced the leak to the aluminum coned shaped part that sits behind the driveshaft bearing carrier. Its cracked where the cone shaped section meets the flat flange. Has anyone had this issue, and do you think epoxy/jb weld or silicone might work to repair it while still installed? I am able to remove the 4 bolts that hold the bearing carrier and then side the assembly forward enough to get to the backside. or Option B If I need to remove the driveshaft to replace the damaged part, do I have to remove the engine entirely? Or can the engine be lifted enough with everything connected (less the exhaust} to get the driveshaft out?


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    The engine had to be removed to remove the driveshaft out, or at least lifted high enough for it to pass under.

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