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    Info on Bosch ECU

    I got the follwing info from a guy that was involves in the ECU programming for the MSX150.

    I have a quick response back from some people who still remember the system & it did reveal some potential.

    The scenario described to me has to do with boost control adaption where the engine controller "learns" control parameters (wastegate solenoid duty cycle versus boost pressure, etc.) when there's a fault in the system, (boost leak, bad sensor, etc.) and when the fault has been fixed, these learned parameters are incorrect & can cause trouble codes to set when there is no longer a problem.

    The the concept of a reflash fixing some problems does have some validity although it has nothing to do with reprogramming the ECU. A side-effect of reflashing the ECU is that it causes all the learned values to reset to their "default" settings which often times eliminates the "learned bad behavior". Unfortunately there's no other way to force this reset happen other than a reflash.

    The other means to get the ECU to learn the correct parameters is to operate the vehicle throughout the range of operating conditions without setting a trouble code. In your case the suggestion was to run the boat above 3000 RPM at something higher than 50% load for a long period of time. The key is not to operate in a mode that causes the over boost code to show up as this will undo the learning process.

    The goal is to get the engine to operate under boost without a trouble code present long enough for it to start to learn the correct boost control parameters.

    This "learning process" is an alternative to a reflash (or reset) and given enough time will accomplish the same result as a reset would have. So in essence, if a reset would have fixed the problem, the relearning procedure will be equally as effective. If however there's still a mechanical/electrical or other fault in the system neither a reset or relearn is going to resolve the problem.

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    Great info! I love learning the inner workings of ECU... (computer programming geek in me!)

    So that helps explain the times when folks fix the problem but still get trouble codes after the fix.

    Can Digi-Wrench reset the defaults for the "learned values"... or only a reflash? DW can read and clear the trouble codes... but sounds like it can't reset the defaults.

    Interesting stuff.


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