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    2006 challenger 1800 how do I flush coolant

    What is proper way to flush - drain coolant and best coolant for this boat ,how much will it take to refill?
    now that I've replaced clamps need to drain water out and add coolant .i have an idea but don't want to miss something .thanks my friends

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    The drain plug for your boat is the center bolt on your ride plate.

    • unscrew drain plug and let all old coolant drain out
    • Pour 1 Gal of distilled water in the coolant tank and let that drain out too
    • Buy 2 Gals of green coolant NOT Orange!
    • (with a buddy) start pouring coolant in the coolant tank reservoir and wait until there are no more farts and air bubbles and coolant is pouring out the drain plug in a steady stream. This effectivly bleeds the system forcing out any air bubbles
    • Plug drain hole (while still filling coolant reservoir) until the coolant reaches between the min and max lines
    • Go to boat ramp and back trailer into the water keeping boat attached to trailer.
    • Run boat until it gets up to operating temperature at which point the thermostat will open and flow coolant.
    • fill reservoir again

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    Tks for info,did that n haven't had time for boat

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