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    Help For A Newbie With Upgrading To A New Ski

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say I知 new on GH and I知 already loving this site. I have a question
    And hoping someone is able to answer it, I have a 2008 rxt-x and have been thinking about
    putting it on the market to upgrade to a 2011 rxt-x as. The reason for the 2011 model instead of
    The 2012 is my Sea doo dealer still has a couple of new 2011 models in the warehouse, also I知
    not to keen on the yellow and I can save about a few thousand also.
    So the question is has anyone had a 08 tx than upgraded to a 2011 tx as? If yes, power wise does
    it feel exactly the same? I know weight wise my ski is 70 kg lighter than the 2011, and the 2011 model is 260 HP,
    so when taking off does the 2011 model feel heavier? Or is the power exactly the same?
    Any help with this would be great.


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    welcome to the GH, the motors are the same 255-260
    and I have not been on a 11 so I am no help
    you can save most of that weight with out the suspension
    but, the 11's have had some issues like weak IC and drive shafts

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    I rode similar skis back to back the other week. The newer one (when not in eco mode) feels to pull alot harder and feels more refined / smoother due to the new shape hull. I am committed to a rebuild on mine now or would be looking to upgrade as I think its worth it for my 2 penny's worth.

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