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    2 questions will a 2000 manual be ok for a 97 785 pro

    i have the disc but it is like dumb and slow and stupid kinda hard to find info. i feel like i expect more from a stupid file lol.

    also should i try finding a light weight fly wheel or can i just do something really dumb AND TOSS IT ON THE LATHE AND MACHINE SOME OFF totally not going to do the machine work to save weight lol
    i have the ada pump gas domes, and the modded red top fogger style carbs i need to know a good jettign to start with the carbs had huge jets in compared to what jim or james over a polaris professionals sent me i can currently find them but the numbers are like 4 different my old ones being way bigger like 2.3 to 1.8 or 1.9 ill find out for sure

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    Most of the 2000 stuff is the same as 97. What are you looking for specifically?

    Do not machine the flywheel unless you have it balanced.

    What else is done to your ski as far as mods?

    Are you asking about jets or needle and seat sizes?

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    i need everything the only thing that is in the ski is the molding and motor mounts and the pump shoe if that the first part of the entire pump assy i need specs to make a alignment tool and everything else and i need to know how to re rivet the molding it loose but still good i sprayed the gel coat on the bottom and fixed the cracking spots in the bottom and put foam everywhere who knows if she will ever be in need of a float test but i would rather her float then not float lol

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    mods is just the carbs ada pump gas head and domes

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