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    99 gtx rfi project

    hey everyone i just picked up a 99 gtx 787 rfi thats missing the whole motor and all the attatchments to it like intake manifold, exhaust manifold, stator and cover, oil pump, exc... everything that directly attatches to it. also i am missing the jet pump. i have the steering part and reverse and shaft. everything else is in the ski im looking for someone that may have or know someone that has some parts. also if your interested in buying let me know. still back and forth weather to fix or sell. thanks guys

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    Unless you find a wrecked or waterlogged donor, its pretty much cost prohibitive to resurrect that ski. You could sell the remaining parts and maybe get some pocket change. The mpem, fuel pump, and possibly seats and some components may yield something, but considering shipping costs for larger parts, may not be even that good. I can only wish you luck.

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