Need some direction here.. Ski ran great everything was good.. until i took the ecu off to check some things on it.. so I plugged it back in with connectors A and B didn't think anything of it 2006 electronics (riva Ecu).. A day later I wanted to start the ski and didnt hear the fuel pump prime and the ski wouldn't start just turn over then it spits this code at me P0231 - Fuel pump shorted to ground or open circuit [/B] I thought that was weird as I didn't do anything but unplug the ecu.. so I proceeded to check the fuel pump fuse and all of them seemed good.. I changed fuel pump out for a known good one.. still gives me same code? So my question is could unplugging ecu make this fault happen? Ive been checking wires none of them look chaffed.. but I'll have to go over it more in detail I suppose. Thanks in advance.