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    Thumbs up to lugnut!!!

    A big thumbs up to lugnut. Recently lugnut bought an item from me, I asked him to hold off on payment until he received the item and was satisfied upon inspection of the goods. Immediately following that, lugnut Priority mailed a Cashiers check which cost him a few dollars to do so... Today I just signed for the parcel and received his check!!!
    How cool is that!
    Just thought I`d let everyone know that there are members here who are stand up people!, who do what they say and say what they do! Exactly what you`d expect to find here at Green!!!... Thank You Lugnut!...PR...

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    was it for 40 dollars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP Steve View Post
    was it for 40 dollars?
    nah never got that one

    it was a good amount of $$$$...PR...

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