Hello Gentlemen,

I assume my Bandit trailer is made by Loadrite considering they look almost identical. I have a 2001 Bandit trailer that I acquired through a XLT1200 purchase, and the trailer is shot as of now.

The axle, wheels, and body of the trailer are all in tact. The issue is that the crossmembers and brackets for the bunks are almost rotted 100% through. I looked last night to see if I could find bolt on replacements but as of right now they don't appear to exist.

I suppose it would be possible to fabricate out of stainless steel or whatever, and simply cut and weld it together in a similar shape then bolt it back on. But it would be ideal to maintain the same bent shape to the crossmember so that I do not have to set the bunks up really high to avoid hitting the hull.

Any information would be great! I will post pictures if I do end up rebuilding it, but I definetly need a bit of advice on this one.

Has anybody ran into this problem on any other trailer before? And the million dollar question is: Are there direct bolt on replacement crossmember sections for these trailers?

If not, then the question is: Is it worth fixing with my only intention being selling the trailer? There is a small chance I would keep it, but I would rather sell it to offset the cost of a double trailer.