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    2005 RXT Interimtent Spedo

    Hi All,

    Posting up for a mate who's recently purchased a 2nd hand '05 RXT. He's only had it out twice and BOTH times at the start of the ride the spedo is working fine but later ceases to display speed. Wheel is still in place (obversely) so its a little odd.

    Sounds to me like the start of an electrical gremlin does any one have any trouble shooting tips or ideas? Any way we can test the dash or sender? Any body have a wiring diagram of this ski for me to squiz at?

    History or the ski is un-known, previous owner said the washer in the SC have been done (is there anyway to tell without stripping it down btw?) Has been to the dealership for a service and check over since he purchased it with no issues highlighted by the dealer.

    Would like to get around it without going back to the stealership, as here in Adelaide (Australia) after the fold of Adelaide outboard we only have ONE Seadoo dealer.. The pricks tend to exercise the power they have being in a monopoly and charge what they like for spares too.

    Im aware of how in-accurate these spedo's are and that a GPS is the way to go, but like me he enjoys having everything operational, especially as its a new toy!

    Thanks in advance,


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